Arifa is a very loving and patient caregiver and is always open to discuss everything that concerns you as a parent. She was taking care of my 18 month old (now she is two) like she was her own child. Having two kids herself, they are five and ten year old, she knows everything about children's
needs. The only reason I stopped taking my
daughter to Arifa's day care is because we are moving to a different city. From time to time my daughter recalls Arifa and buddies from the day care and says beggarly: "Let's go to Arifa's  pla-a-a-a-ace!"


Well, I think Arifa's daycare is a
great place for Sarah to be. It's in a
home, so it doesn't seem like a big
change for the kids. I think Arifa is
a caring, loving, and professional
daycare provider and I also think
her flexibility with hours is great.
Full time, part time, week by week-
whatever is best for you.
Thank you Arifa!



My husband and I live in the Ardenwood area in Fremont , and we consider us very lucky to have found Arifa to take care of our 19 month old son. Sheís a wonderful person, warm and open personality and the children obviously love her. Our son is happy to go in the morning and we know he keeps a good routine with napping and eating the excellent food Arifa cooks for the kids in her care. Our son enjoys the art projects, loves going out to play, and playing with the other kids in the clean shoes-off environment in her house. His musical interests are encouraged with songs and dancing. We havenít had any surprises as Arifa communicates the schedule and calendar well in advance and tells us every day how the day went.

Gudrun Finnsdottir


My son has been going to the daycare for over a year now. Arifa is a very loving person and takes great care of the kids. The fact that my son happily walks towards her home and jumps into her arms when we leave him, is an indication of how the kids like being with her. She provides nutritous meals, with fresh fruits, and the kids are never hungry. All in all, it is a fun and safe place to be - filled with loads of love and affection.

  My Child has been going to Fun Momís Childcare since she was 1 yr old ( Now she is 5 Y.old ) and this was her first time going to daycare. The provider Arifa assured me that she will be fine. She also assured me that my daughter will be potty trained and  weened  from her pacifier and bottle. This was all true she was potty trained with no bottle and no binky 5 months later, and when the time came she prepares the children for kindergarten with phonics, flashcards & homework( Iím sure there is more). She treats the children at daycare like members of her family.She is a great Daycare provider Iím sure my daughter will never forget her.

Aku  (Aysia's Mother)



 It was very important for me to find a
place for my son that was nurturing, a
place where he would feel secure and
safe. An environment that was very
similar to his home environment, a
person who would care for him and care
about him. I was very reluctant to send
my son to childcare and very worried
about his development and well being. I
hated the idea of him watching T.V for
hours a day and not getting the mental
stimulation a child needs.
Once I met Arifa my fears were drown.
Arifa is like a mother to my son; she
genuinely loves and cares about him.
She gives me daily updates of all the new
and fun stuff he does. The kids do not
watch TV, but instead sing, dance, listen
to music, draw (scribble), she reads to
them and helps stimulate their minds
with other activities. I could not think of
a better place where my son could spend
the day. I must say at first I was hurt
when I would go to pick him up and he
would not want to come home, but now I
consider myself fortunate to have found
a place and a person my son loves.


I love Fun Moms Child Care. Both of my daughters have been attending this
daycare for about seven months now. I canít imagine them going anywhere
else!!. My oldest daughter is 6 and my youngest daughter is 2. Being that I
have a two year old, we are dealing with potty training. The great thing
about Arifa is that she even helps with the potty training. I am a full time
working single mother and I really feel that her daycare is a home away for
home for my children. My oldest daughter is old enough not to go to this
daycare but I still take her because she enjoys being there! Both of my
daughters are excited to go to this daycare. It really makes its easier for me
to deal knowing that my children are in a safe and loving environment that
they choose to go to. I really appreciate that they bring home lots of arts and
craft projects that they did that day or little songs that they learned. Itís nice
to have a home daycare that is filled with learning experiences for my
children as well as a playful loving environment.



Arifa is a wonderful childcare mom! As a new mom, she gives me a lot of encouragement and advice from experience on how to take care of my baby. She is open to whatever parents want for their kids at childcare, and especially keen on sharing different cultures with the children. 
My son has been going to her childcare since he was 3 months old and it feels like my own mom is taking care of him. The way she runs her childcare to have all the children interact together has made an impact on my son. She keeps him active, and therefore, a good eater. He likes being around other people (whether the other kids at childcare or friends of ours), and he is not shy of new people. The best part of my day is when I pick him up from childcare, because Arifa will tell me what he did during the day and share his triumphs with pride. Just the other day when I picked him up childcare, she had him standing with her outside to show me that he can stand! I was so proud of my little boy, and so thankful that she challenges him to grow. 

W. Chong's Mother.




I want to thank you for all you have done for our family. Aston has been asking about you everyday. He asked me the other day, ďso mommy no moreArifa, Baldo, Eric, Spencer, Fiona, Nihar, Rozie and Anar?Ē He went on say that he misses them.

Aston has grown into a very nice boy very well behaved and well balanced. He has a love for Music, Art, books, reading and writing. When I listen to him at times it is difficult to believe he is only three years old. I know we owe it mostly to you. You took Aston into you care when he was just a baby and you loved him as you did your own. You were so patient with him and taught him patience. As a first time mom and nervous I learnt so much from you and incorporatedit into my home. What would I have done without you in terms of a lot of things, you potty trained my son by age two when I was not confident I could do it by three ( since all I ever heard was boyís potty train late) my son shocked us at age 16 months when he counted to ten. When he was ill you always gave me advice as to what to do and it always seemed to work. I cannot say enough about how I appreciate what you have done for us.

I may have many fancy college degrees, but nothing prepared me for parenthood. I read so many books, but nothing answers all the questions. It does take experience and somebody like you who passed on your knowledge to me.

Aston will grow a better person because of what you have done with him and what you have taught me.

For lack of a term I say thank you. You will always be a part of our life, thank you.



Hi Arifa,

Thanks for the wonderful time my son had at your place for all these 8
months. He really liked your place and we had peaceful time as well.




I love Arifa's Day care, my daughter Maitreyee was 1.5 years when we put her in the day care, she is now 3.5 years. Few things that we loved the most;

Arifa always greets the kids with a smile and it take off our worries of placing our kids for 10 hours outside in someone else's care.

We visited the day care and the feeling was very homely.

She makes home made food. My daughter now loves veggies which other even stay at home kids do not like.

She has two kids who are very well versed in arts and music and so it is a plus for day care kids as they would surely generate interest just watching them.

Arifa respects every parents views and is very open to feedback.

She take care of kids even when they need some extra help like if the kids have frequent colds or allergies. My daughter was potty trained in her day care.

I am short of words to thank her. May god bless her with happiness always..